Sarah (greenelas1313) wrote,

my live in a nutshell

GreenElas1313: im hungry
JeWcY JiLL 415: me too
JeWcY JiLL 415: and dirty
JeWcY JiLL 415: and dumb from not studying
JeWcY JiLL 415: hahha
GreenElas1313: wow same here
JeWcY JiLL 415: hahhahaah
GreenElas1313: i neeeeeed to pee
JeWcY JiLL 415: i'll go for u
JeWcY JiLL 415: i wish we cud do that
GreenElas1313: haha
GreenElas1313: oh man that would be the greatest thing in the world
JeWcY JiLL 415: yeah besides chocolate
GreenElas1313: i dunno its running pretty close
JeWcY JiLL 415: hahaha
GreenElas1313: oh boy your too funny
JeWcY JiLL 415: well chocolate is life, and peeing is a part of life
GreenElas1313: haha
GreenElas1313: true that

i love you jillian!!!!!!! yeah, i had to post it cus you did.

its 904 sunday morning and i am up. why? no clue. maybe cus i slept untill 4pm yesterday and then went to bed at like 11pm. i wish that my mom hadnt taken my book away from me so i could lay in bed under the covers and read happily. what kinda of mother takes books away as a punishment to get back at me? does anyone find that a little strange. shouldnt my mom be happy that i read incessantly? whatever!

im getting really anxious about midterms which start tomorrow. but the anxiety just has to do with i always get anxious before tests. its quite a problem actually. i should be studying right now! but i know close to nothing for just about all of my tests. oh well, it doesnt count anyways because the grades dont go on mid year reports, and im already in college!!!!!!

my life is boring. i dont do anything. when i used to update all the time, what did i talk about? ok im done. i think im going to go back to sleep out of a lack of better things to do.
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