Sarah (greenelas1313) wrote,

this needed to be documented

ok so here is a bit of an abstract idea

maybe that as i belive in the fact that no two people have the exact same gender or have the exact same religous beliefs, and now my new one to be added would be political beliefs...its is pointless to try to search for people who are the same as you in hopes to "connect to someone" and thus find comfort in that because we are all really just diverse people

though seriously, i just get so frustrated that i have all these political views, and i argue with one group of my friends who are more leftist than me, and then i have arguments with another group of my friends who are more to the right of me, holding up the same exact principles i stil have to fight for my voice to be recognized and as much as i love debate, its tiring or more so very mind draining

ok new idea

so i am thinking about my aparent "moderate" view on (well im actually referring to my views about israel vs plalestine) things and i think its very reflective of my personality to sorta relate to both sides and find teh middle ground instead of settling

and even more reflective of my personality is that i constantly find myself in a position of trying to be that link to both sides because i can understand both arguments, its like i feel the need to explain both sides the other sides argument and thus creating understanding which my idealism leads me to belive will lead to peace

wow thats a lot of thinking. isnt thought process wonderful!!! now if only that was the topic of my paper, cus it would so be a fucking A+
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